Hello, inter web adventurer.

Long have I held onto this domain, in hopes of updating it regularly with posts and pictures that, to some degree, kept up with our changing lives and growing children. Alas, it takes time and effort to do those things, and time is one of the many things that I seem to have little of. Fortunately, for those of you who crave updates to our various conditions and appearances, facebook has come along and seems to have made updating and uploading quite easy.

josh and jenny (dot) com may go away at some point, or it may change into something completely different. Who knows. But please know that I'm sorry that I have neglected this site for so very long. It was never my intent to let it sit in a dark corner without a water bowl or kit for basic hygiene.

So, see you on facebook, and Jenny or I will let you know if there's ever anything to come back here for.

Be well, brave inter web adventurer.